“The receding world and innovation amidst austerity”

In these times of great rumble, nerve shaking calamities, picturesque downfalls of big businesses and of-course, the great euro zone crisis. Innovation found its way yet again, in the minds of those, who once were pioneers in their fields but had subsided due to the fast moving businesses and piercing competition and those who had yet to make their mark in the open world. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook, which was a college project, made its way to be a billion dollar venture. This was not only an innovation in the social networking world but also a profitable business which led to increase in the employment rates, once under the mar of recession.
This was one example, however, still under growth, motivated  new entrepreneurs to bring their fresh ideas in the market, which was  undergoing multiple jolts of debt increase and obsoleteness of ideas, and brought a spark in the minds of thinkers and dreamers. Furthermore, it became imperative to bring these ideas to practicality and also to rescue the shoddy business practices and redesign them.
It was now necessary, there being a need for fresh ideas and new processes, to bring businesses to stability and to lift  falling economies from further recession. It was time, the advent of combining design with business acumen become a necessary evil. Although, many had considered design to be specific to designers only, and  an amalgamation of these two was thought to be unwise, nonetheless, such an amalgamation gave rise to new concepts; some named it “creative intelligence” while others denoted it, “Design Thinking“.

Enlightened by the need, Businesses have started acquiring people with a creative bent of mind, who could show resilience, invent mass appealing products, and design cost reducing efficient processes. Now, many companies have started pursuing the path of Design thinking and some of them have even gone to extents in making it their soul USP, for promoting their ideology. For instance, Tata Nano, a small four seater car from Tata Motors,  a product brought to reality after Ratan Tata(MD of Tata group) witnessed  an Indian family perched perilously on a scooter in a rainstorm, poses a strong example in support of companies practicing the concept .

Additionally, Companies such as “Fast Company” and “IDEO” are following and promoting this concept, and have even produced  exemplary solutions and ideas utilizing it.Below is that creative process.

The creative process stands on five under mentioned pillars


Each pillar involves several steps, to be performed, in order to achieve the desired solution.

The success of businesses by using these concepts and processes ,in my opinion , depends upon how seriously people in business such as entrepreneurs, marketers, corporate managers want to see their dreams,
ambitions and off course their business, soaring !

All the more, this gives rise to another big dilemma that “will it be the next big thing in running businesses in the future”?

4 thoughts on ““The receding world and innovation amidst austerity”

  1. You certainly have shown things in a new light. True, the solution to today’s creative stagnancy needs addressing and awareness amongst us all too. Gone are the days when thinking out of the box was a requirement that only some of the jobs had. In this day and age we all need to cultivate our creative mind and exercise it to drive solutions.
    To answer your question, I say ‘Yes’ design thinking certainly voices a concept and a work ethic on the rise. Coming from a biologist, I hope it says volumes about the far reaching impact of this in the future:-)


    1. Very well said,taniya.Design plays an important role in the field of biology as well.for instance, the advent of “the double helix structure” of DNA was certainly invented,in my opinion, via a process of designing with the amalgamation of a logical mind to the creative one.As I see ,it followed the process of ideation,prototyping and testing, and a great invention was made.I must say that the future looks positive to me for business and that by following the design thinking process, biology can also surpass several limitation and challenges.


  2. Innovation is the key in today’s world when businesses are surrounded with so many challenges to survive. I would recommend to read “Innovators Dilemma” for someone interested in knowing the process of innovation and other challenges.
    Keep posting Samdarsh, good job.


  3. Thanks for your recommendation,your opinion, and your motivation , himanshu. I think , this recommendation would certainly help a lot of people understand the need of innovation and ways of overcoming challenges, in these dire times. Keep providing your useful suggestions.


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