Handling Politics at Work.

How many of you don’t take credit for whatever you do?

I think everyone in this world has some way or the other been in a rut either within himself or with others whenever his/her efforts at workplace were not acknowledged. One would have fought with all the strength to get recognition or credit for his/her efforts.Also, when people feel that they cant make it with their abilities the easiest way they feel is practicing politics at work, thus getting the niche out of everything : A common workplace culture.

So how can someone handle politics at work place?

The question is shot at those who are either naive or are honest enough that they refrain from participating in such activities. But before someone can really answer this milestone question, there is one more thing that needs to be brought to limelight. And that is—something thought provoking— “What really drives the political behavior at any organization?”

In my opinion, the current incentive structure could be driving such a behavior since it is designed to reward individual’s performance.

So did it “RING” inside your grey cells ?

Coming back to the same milestone where I left off. The question to handle politics is asked by several. Self cognition may sometimes posit blank answers. But, the answer to it would be: To stop taking credit for your work, for at least everything: being humble : being assertive .That way you might be able to effectively handle politics at work.

It may seem like a strange recommendation or sound counter intuitive to most of you. However, just think for a while that being at a higher position in your team could give you the power to shoot down everyone’s idea and help you pretend that you are the only think tank there. Additionally, even among your peers, you are the most creative and innovative one; the masses know it and think that you might be a threat to their progress. Although, shifting to chauvinism and non secularism in your behavior would seem to be a lucrative move,but it would not make strategic business sense.

Moreover, as long as everyone at work is aligned towards a common goal, for example meeting a deadline or delivering to a client, it really does not matter who takes the credit.

There are many real life examples present in the world, people who convey such idiosyncrasy such as David Butler—Vice President of innovation— at Coke.

Is it saint-ism or devotion to the greater glory of god? I think it is neither of them but tolerance.

It would be thought provoking for most of you and may require some self speculation , “but a bigger issue to think and re-design, in my opinion, is how can one change the current incentive system— and therefore politics —within corporations.”Double RING!!”

An article that might intrigue you: WSJ-Handling office politics.